Configure SharePoint Site to use SSL and HTTPS

Sep 13, 2016 at 1:40 AM

This is the second article in the series to "Configure the ADFS Authentication for SharePoint". In this article I will show how to configure SharePoint site to configure SSL and use https port. For your SharePoint sit to use ADFS Authentication it is necessary that SharePoint site is running on https.

Below are some of the topics covered under this series

Currently my SharePoint Url is configured to use HTTP and its pubic url is

We want to change it to

To enable SSL in IIS, you must first obtain a certificate that is used to encrypt and decrypt the information that is transferred over the network. IIS includes its own certificate request tool that you can use to send a certificate request to a certification authority.

Create Self Signed Certificate from IIS

Open IIS Manager and select the server on the Left Panel and Select ‘Server Certificates’

Open IIS Manager

Click on ‘Create Self Signed Certificate’ from the right panel. Specify the friendly name of the Certificate and select the certificate store as ‘Personal’

Create Self Signed Certificate

Click on ‘Ok’ and It will generate the certificate in IIS. Double click on the created certificate

Go to Details Tab and click on “Copy to File ..”

Export the Self Signed Certificate

Click on Next. And on next screen select “No, do not export the private key”

Select the location for the file to export the certificate

And click on finish

Import Certificate in the Certificate Store

Open Manage Compute Certificate on Windows Server 2012 and go to SharePoint node and then right click All tasks >> import …

Click Next and then specify the location of exported certificate in previous step and then Click Next,

Make sure Certificate store is SharePoint and Click Next and then finish (Exported)

Click on Import

Click on “Next”

Select the location of the certificate we exported in the earlier step

Click on Next

Click on “Finish”

Add the Self Signed Certificate on SharePoint

Open the Central Administration

Navigate to Security -> Manage Trust -> Click on ‘New’

Fill out the below details and provide the path for the certificate we exported in the first step

Click on Ok

Configure SharePoint Site in IIS to use HTTPS

Open IIS Manager

Select the Site in the IIS and right click on it and Open Bindings…

Click on Add, Select HTTPS

Fill out the below details as shown below

Click on Ok.

Configure Alternate Access Mapping

Go Central Administration >> Alternate Access Mapping and Choose your web application

And click on Edit Public URLs and then add HTTPS URL

Update the Internet Url to

Open the browser and and use the https url

Click on ‘Proceed to

You should be able to browse your SharePoint site over HTTPS

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