Export ADFS Certificate from the ADFS Management

Sep 22, 2016 at 9:53 PM

This is the 4th article in the series of "Configuring ADFS Authentication on SharePoint 2016”. In this Article I will show you how to export ADFS Certificate from the ADFS Management Console which will be used by the SharePoint for establishing the trust between the SharePoint and ADFS. SharePoint will use this certificate the validate the tokens provided by the ADFS.

Below are topics that I am going to cover under this series

Below are the detailed steps to export the ADFS Certificate from the ADFS Server which can be used on the SharePoint Farm.

Login to the Server where ADFS is installed. Search for AD FS Management under the programs

Open “AD FS Management”

Navigate to AD FS -> Service -> Certificate

You will see the three sections of certificate within it as ‘Service Communications’, ‘Token-Decrypting’ and ‘Token Signing’

Now Select the certificate under the ‘Token-Signing’ and click on ‘View Certificate’

It will open the Certificate Details

Select the ‘Details ’ tab

Click on ‘Copy to File..’

Click on Next

Select ‘DER encoded binary X.509(.CER)’ . Click on Next

Select the path and the Certificate file name. Generally I select the servername as the certificate name.

Select Next

Click on Finish and it will export the certificate on the file location.

Copy this certificate on the SharePoint Server and we will use it for establishing the relying party trust in our next article.

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