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May 07, 2016 at 5:02 AM

Over the few years as the SharePoint has evolved, so as its navigation. With SharePoint 2007 it started with the simple navigation links on the left side. It evolved a bit in SharePoint 2010, with the top menu bar along with the Navigation links on the right hand side. It allowed us to customize the stylesheet with SharePoint 2013 display templates. But Navigation from end users view has never been evolved. It still takes so many clicks for the user to reach out to his documents. I recently came across wonderful google chrome extension for SharePoint Navigation - ‘Fly view for SharePoint’ available which will allow us to seamlessly navigate through your site structure in flash of seconds. 

Works with Office 365 or SharePoint Site seamlessly, All you need is google chrome. If you are looking for a server version, stay tuned over here  going to be launched soon!

Let’s have a quick glance on what Fly view for SharePoint is capable of doing

Navigate to multiple subsites from the root site

If we have a multiple subsites managed as single repository for all the countries, you can view out directly from the fly view extension. You can even view what document libraries, lists, Images and so on from the root site of the navigation bar. And of all that you don’t have to click even once, all this is done by just a hover of the mouse!

Preview and download your files without actually navigating to that document

You can actually preview your files directly from the navigation bar and save it directly to your desktop. It can preview all the supported formats for the SharePoint Preview feature. 

View/Edit Metadata of the documents on the Fly 

With each document or the content you can view or edit the metadata properties directly using the Preview feature of the SharePoint.

Mark Favourites for what’s dear to you

Often we have frequently visited document libraries/folder or the documents in SharePoint. You can mark that as favourites or find out from your History List!
All you just have to do is mark the Star button and Fly View will remember it for you in the Favourites List.
Here are my favourite links or documents,
It even tracks your history for all dates!

Fly View is more than the features

  • Navigation is lightning fast! It can easily navigate through the multiple subsites in milliseconds! 
  • You can easily plug and play the extension from the google chrome.
  • Imagine the number of hours you can save with the use of this extension. 

Did you know? 

This Product has been under development by Developers at Aurora Bits  for around 2 years just to make it right. Developers definitely deserves a kudos for their hard work and dedication.

It can always be better!

This has been so far my best product or app for the SharePoint but there are some enhancements which I look forward to
• Similar App for the other browsers especially Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer
• Good to have a quick view of the List Data and schema
• Ability to Customize the look and feel of the fly view as per branding of the site
Do you have any more suggestions? Please feel free to comment and let us know!

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